• Positron Energy Snapshot

PEPL are the pioneering in monetising stranded Gas reserves in the India. PEPL is at the forefront of management and engineering consultancy in Indian Oil & Gas Sector. PEPL provides customised and responsive consulting services for City Gas Distribution (CGD) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) businesses, drawing on world-class technical and managerial resources from mix of experienced, young talent & industry veterans so as to provide the best professional advice and to help our client to achieve their objectives. PEPL is known for its core values of objectivity and analytical rigor combined with deep domain expertise.

PEPL is recognized as an advisor to regulatory board, government agencies, private investors, and large public and private sector conglomerates. PEPL provides services across a wide array of infrastructure development activities in the areas of regulation, technical design and infrastructure financing mechanisms by creating a prudent framework for infrastructure development. Our services at the project level include understanding the markets, demand studies, technical analysis, bid advisory, business valuations and due diligence to enable investment decisions.

Our teams have expertise across the complete range of infrastructure sectors – urban development, energy, transport and logistics, natural resources and finance. We operate through our offices in Ahmedabad, New Delhi and Bokaro Steel City in India.

  • PEPL History

Positron Energy Private Limited (PEPL) was established on February 15th 2008 emphasizing its intent to be recognized as a Natural Gas Business solution provider to the Oil & Gas Sector. Positron Energy started its consultancy business with India’s First City Gas Distribution Project – Vadodara Municipal Corporation in July  2008.
On April 2009: Positron Energy entered into a Joint Venture with Everest Kanto Cylinders Limited and acquired a Kolkata based gas distribution company – Calcutta Compressions & Liquefaction Engineering Private Limited.
On October 2012: PEPL started its foray into the international consulting business for the Oil and Gas sector from Nigeria.

Consolidated our presence in Nigeria & in June 2013 PEPL entered into a HOA with Indian Oil Corporation for Supply of LNG from Kochi and Dahej through “LNG at Doorstep”.