• Calcutta Compressions & Liquefaction Engineering Ltd

Calcutta Compressions & Liquefaction Engineering Ltd – is a company promoted by Everest Kanto Cylinders Limited “EKCL” (a leading manufacturer of high pressure cylinders in India) and Positron Energy Private Limited “PEPL” (an oil & gas business consulting company). EKCL and PEPL have entered into a strategic alliance for operating a City Gas Distribution Company Calcutta Compressions & Liquefaction Engineering Limited (“CC&L”) in the State of Jharkhand, West Bengal and Rajasthan. CC&L has been into the business of distributing Natural Gas in form of Coal Bed Methane (“CBM”) Gas in Compressed to the industries in Jharkhand since 2009. CC&L had been granted a provisional NOC for supply of Natural Gas (CBM) to the industrial consumers in Jharkhand and has been successfully operating in the region since past 5 years.

On similar business model i.e. distribution of Natural Gas (in compressed form) popularly known CNG Distribution System (“CDS”), CC&L has recently entered into a long term Gas Supply Agreement (“GSA”) with Deep Industries Limited for its Gotaru, Bankia and Kharatar Block in the State of Rajasthan. The block is licensed to ONGCL and Deep Industries Limited (DIL) with DIL being the operator of the block. CC&L proposes to store and transport Natural gas in compressed form to Industries in District Jhodhpur and Jaisalmer region. CC&L has developed its infrastructure in Jaisalmer and shall commence operations shortly.

Everest Kanto Cylinders Limited (EKCL) is a listed company on BSE and is one of the leaders in Compressed Natural Gas Cylinder manufacturer in India. EKCL is also an Indian Multinational Company having its manufacturing plants operating in India, China, Dubai and USA. Positron Energy Private Limited (PEPL) is one of the leading consultancy provider for the Energy Sector. PEPL has provided cutting edge business management solutions to most of the City Gas Distribution Companies in India.

CC&L is presently supplying around 20,000 standard cubic meters per day (SCMD) to several industrial customers through truck mounted mobile cascades. The Supply can be ramped-up to 50,000 SCMD within a span of one and a half years through pipelines. CC&L with its strong marketing team, industry veterans as top management team and a state of art gas distribution infrastructure setup at Talgaria have very strong presence in the Bokaro, Dhanbad and Jamshedpur area.


  • Downstream Operations Summary

Everest Kanto Cylinders Ltd (“EKCL”) and Positron Energy Private Limited (“PEPL”) have an equity stake of 72.65 % & 27.35% respectively in Calcutta Compressions & Liquefaction Engineering Limited ((“CC&L”).

CC&L has an existing gas purchase agreement with ONGC for supply of 50,000 scmd of CBM gas from ONGC’s Jharia fields at Parbatpur, Bokaro in Jharkhand. Jharia fields are supposed to have largest reserves of CBM gas in Asia and are expected to produce around 400,000 scmd.

CC&L is supplying CBM Gas to Industries in Bokaro and Dhanbad for supply of 50,000 scmd of Coal Bed Methane (“CBM”) gas. CC&L is supplying CBM gas to industries in and around Bokaro. CC&L has obtained all necessary Licenses, approvals, NOC’s from various Sate and Central Government agencies. Key approvals are NOC from Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB), NOC from State Pollution Control Board, NOCs from civil administration esp. Dy. Commissioner, Superintendent of Police, License from Chief Factories Inspector & Petroleum Explosive Safety Organization (PESO) & necessary registrations with Sales Tax authorities have also been completed.