Positron Ventures Private Limited (PVPL) brings on board domain knowledge and track record to address the needs of the Gas Market. Our Gas on the Go solution for gas marketers, customers & distributors delivers natural gas to target locations without pipelines and Conversion to both Mono/Dual Fuel technologies for Heavy Duty Vehicles. This essentially serves two purposes: deliver natural gas to areas where pipeline connectivity is technically or economically unviable, seeding a location till pipeline connectivity is in place and reduction emission caused by Diesel operated Long Haul Heavy Duty Trucks.

PVPL’s Fuel Systems is a dual fuel technology. With over 8 years in the industry and one of the pioneers of these systems on heavy diesel engines, our US Based partners has been designing and developing dual fuel advancements in their quest to market. PVPL also entered into a long term agreement with leading US company for manufacturing of all dual fuel systems. This partnership combines years of history of designing and manufacturing components for heavy duty engines with O

Our group companies, presently through Positron Gas Limited, has been delivering natural gas from the CBM fields in Jharia (Jharkhand) to industries since more than 10 years now. Starting from Bokaro in 2008, now supplies gas to industries as far as Odisha in cascades. Led by a management team with a rich and varied experience within the natural gas sector, PVPL offers its services to distribute natural gas in liquefied or compressed form wherever pipeline connectivity is not available under the Gas on the Go umbrella.

PVPL provides the following services in Off-grid gas distribution:

PVPL provides the following services in Off-grid gas distribution:

  1. Gas on the Go: PVPL owns the LNG/CNG distribution fleet & provides logistics services to Clients under long & short-term contracts.
  2. Gas on the Go Lite: PVPL provides fleet management services to Clients who would like to own the assets themselves.
    • Fleet owned by Client & operated by PVPL: Client owns the fleet while PVPL manages the logistics operations.
    • Maintenance of fleet owned & operated by Client: Fleet is owned & operated by the Client while PVPL provides maintenance support for the cryogenic equipment.
  3. Cruise Control (Gas on the Go – Green Plan): PVPL provides EPC services to take the project from the drawing board stage to commissioning and handover.
  4. AutoPilot (Gas on the Go – Blue Plan)
    • The CGS/LNG system is owned by Client while PVPL operates the plant on 24×7 basis.
    • Client operates the plant while PVPL provides AMC services.
  5. Safe Ops (Gas on the Go – Yellow Plan)
    • Conducting safety audits, training of operators/drivers, planning & conducting mock drills
    • Preparing the Emergency Response & Management Plan for LNG logistics operations
    • Monitoring driving practices of crew, preparing corrective & preventive action plan for deviations observed