1. Management Consulting / Technical Services

  • Market Survey and Demand assessment
  • Cost Estimation, Financial Modelling & Bid Advisory
  • Technical & Commercial Due Diligence
  • Feasibility Studies & Bankable Reports
  • Technical Studies and Analytical Reports
  • Pipeline Hydraulic Studies & Network Sizing Studies
  • PNGRB submissions for Network Capacity, IMPS, ERDMP, etc
  • PMC Services for Pipeline construction, NG stations & LMC connectivity
  • O&M,Forecourt Management services for CNG,LCNG, LNG stations
  • Provide Gas Processing, Compression and Operation services (C02 removal / Dew Point control etc)
  • HSE Management services for CGD including Training for staff
  • Pipeline Network Maintenance and Emergency Response services
  • Feasibility studies and solutions for Switch-over / Converting to Natural Gas from alternative fuels.
  • Engineering consulting services in Power Sector
  • Erection & Commissioning
  • i. CNG Compressors - Engine &Motor driven
  • ii. Gas Engines of various capacities for onsite & offsite power
  • iii. Successfully commissioned 250 kms live-line and offline installation of OPGW system.
  • iv. Power sector service ranges includes survey, design, erection and commissioning, splicing till final testing.

2. Gas Sales & Distribution

  • Sales and Distrubtion of Natural Gas
  • Stranded Gas Monetizing solutions
  • Conceptualizing and offering Gas-on-Wheels solution for Industrial consumers
  • Planning and Operations of CNG Transportation and Delivery solutions
  • LNG-on-Wheels Transportation and distribution Solutions

3. Product Offering

  • LNG and Diesel dual fuel conversion kit
  • Creating LNG conversation infrastructure development across India
  • LNG Facilities for retail & captive solutions