Positron Ventures Private Limited

Positron Ventures Private Limited (PVPL)is an initiative of PEPL group to bring on their broad domain knowledge and track record to address the needs of the Gas Market with latest technologies and innovation.

We have also ventured into the conversion market by providing Dual Fuel conversion technologies for Heavy Duty Vehicles. These initiatives essentially serve multiple purposes: deliver natural gas to areas where pipeline connectivity is technically or economically unviable, seeding a location till pipeline connectivity is in place and reduction emission caused by Diesel operated Long-Haul Heavy-Duty vehicles. PVPL’s tie-up with US based partner has opened new doors for introducing Dual Fuel Systems in India.With over 15 years in the industry and one of the pioneers of these systems on heavy diesel engines, our US Based partners have been designing and developing dual fuel advancements. PVPL has entered into a long-term agreement with ICOM a leading US company providing conversion kits running on dual fuels. This partnership combines years of history of designing and manufacturing components for heavy duty engines with our experience in the natural gas industry.

We offer Gas on the Go solution for gas marketers, customers & distributors in order to delivers natural gas to target locations without pipelines.

PVPL Service Basket

Gas on the Go

PVPL owns the LNG/CNG distribution fleet & provides logistics services to Clients under long & short-term contracts.

Gas on the Go Lite

PVPL provides fleet management services to Clients who would like to own the assets themselves.

Cruise Control (Gas on the Go – Green Plan)

PVPL provides EPC services to take the project from the drawing board stage to commissioning and handover.

AutoPilot (Gas on the Go – Blue Plan)

Safe Ops (Gas on the Go – Yellow Plan)